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Brand Concept & Business Development

I started Mojos clothing back in 2014 with the idea to bring retro ski clothing back to the market. Using premium materials and targeting large groups of skiers and snowboarders. 

I first worked with universities, having 6 sign up within the first winter. All creating bespoke designs to suit their university colours.

After a successful first season, I expanded the reach and targeted corporate companies, army ski trips and consumer brands. 

Due to the demand, I decided to bring out a non-bespoke range and set up an e-commerce website. Selling high quality clothing that I had designed still with a retro twist. This naturally led me to exhibit at large trade shows and from that sold in to various ski shops around Europe. It started to become a highly recognised brand within the snow sports industry. 

Mojo then went on to sponsor various skiers and influential athletes to build a greater online presence. Having sponsored riders on podiums at the competitions such as the Freeride World Tour. 

I ran everything from the ground up, from social media, company accounts, web design, all design work and a full marketing plan for each winter. 

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